Email SPAM scanning FAQs

This list of Frequently Asked Questions is provided to help you understand the E-mail filtering service we run on all E-mail accounts.

Important: To send emails via our server you MUST enable SMTP authentication. The username and password for SMTP authentication should be the same as the username and password you use to receive email on the account.


Will spam be deleted before I retrieve my email?

No. We have a feature called Spambox on our servers. The feature allows the server to scan all coming email and use a variety of methods to determine whether it is spam or not. If it thinks it is spam then it redirects the email to the Spambox for that account.

  • IMAP: The Spambox then appears as another folder in your email client if you are using IMAP to retrieve your emails (you may have to reset or resubscribe to you IMAP folder list for each IMAP account you have).
  • POP3: If you are using POP3 to check you emails then you need to follow these steps in you cPanel control panel:
    1. Create a spambox@ email account for each domain or sub-domain on your account.
    2. Create a spambox@yourmaindomain email account.
    3. Create forwarding rules for all the spambox email addresses you created in step 1 to forward to the email address you created in step 2.
    4. Now all you need to do is add /spam to the end of you POP3 login user name (e.g

  Please Note: You can use the spambox@ accounts only to monitor SPAM. You cannot send or receive email using them.

When you are using an IMAP connection to check your Spambox the spambox folder will not appear in you folder list until spam is detected being sent to your account.

If you are checking your spambox via webmail you must login to webmail using the email address whose spambox you wish to check as the username. You cannot view spamboxes of other email accounts you may have set up if you login to webmail using your main (cPanel email address.

Should I tell you about incorrectly tagged spam?

Yes, definitely. Our spam system is intelligent and learns from its mistakes. If you are checking one of your spambox@ accounts and an email is flagged incorrectly as spam simply forward it to and the system will learn not to flag it as spam.

If you receive an email that is spam in any of your normal email accounts then please forward it to

Will all spam be detected?

No spam filtering solution can protect your email accounts from all spam, but we believe that ours can correctly identify 99% of spam emails it receives correctly.

Is all email tagged as spam, spam?

Not necessarily. The system is not foolproof and there will be instances where legitimate email is tagged as spam and where spam is not tagged as such. This is why you have the ability to forward such emails to either the assp-notspam@ or assp-spam@ address so that the system can learn from its mistakes.

I don't need (spam/virus) checking, can I only have email scanned for one?

Yes, you can configure the service to either scan for viruses, spam or both by clicking the SPAM ASSP icon in your cPanel control panel.

Will viruses be deleted before I retrieve my email?

Yes, if you set Virus Scanning to Enable in the ASSP setting for your account. All emails and file attachments will be scanned for viruses. If one is found, the email is automatically rejected.

Will all viruses be detected?

No system can guarantee 100% detection, though nearly all infected files and dangerous file attachments should be detected using this service. The service scans all email received and sent through the server to help ensure that you do not accidentally start spreading a virus yourself.

Do I still need a virus scanner on my computer?

Yes! Not only can the service not guarantee that all email viruses will be detected, there are many other ways that your computer can become infected. You should always install an anti-virus solution on every computer and ensure that it is constantly kept up to date.

How long does the server retain spam that isn't delete from the spambox by the user?

Spam emails are kept in you spambox for a maximum of 7 days or until the spambox reaches 10MB in size before being deleted.

How do I ensure that emails from a particular address always reach me (Whitelisting)?

Simply sent an email to with the email address you wish to whitelist in the body of the email. After a short time you should receive a Whitelist Addition Report email details whether or not the whitelisting was successful.

Never forward on a spam email to the whitelist address as this will mean that the spammer sending for that address can bypass our filters and fill you inbox with spam!

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