I already have a domain registered with another company, how do I transfer it to you?

For top level domains (.com, .net, .org etc):

If you want to transfer domains to Ynos Hosting, from another registrar, you will need to unlock the domains and ask the other registrar to provide you with the authorization code (EPP code). Unfortunately, Ynos Hosting cannot assist with this process, as we do not have access to any other registrar's websites or databases.

Once you have unlocked the domains and obtained the EPP transfer code(s), place your transfer order via our website ordering system, you will be asked as part of this process to supply you EPP codes(s).

Domains will be transferred to Ynos Hosting within five to seven days. The price of a transfer (the same as our 1 year registration cost) will add a full year to the current expiration date, thus renewing your domain for an additional year.

For .uk domains (.co.uk, .org.uk etc):

Because .uk transfers are a push/pull process, you must initiate a transfer request with Ynos Hosting AND submit a request to the losing registrar.

Contact your current registrar and request to retag the domain name to the ISP tag ENOM. This starts the transfer away process.

It does not matter the order in which the requests are submitted, however, if you initiate the transfer with us first, you must submit the request to the losing registrar within one week. If initiating the request to the losing registrar first, you must initiate your transfer with us by either the 8th of current month or the 8th of the following month, whichever is closest to the current date.

What fees are involved?
The cost of a .uk transer to us is the same as the registration cost with us (currently £7.99).

For .uk transfers where the domain has more than 5 months remaining on the domain expiration will be FREE.

For .uk transfers where the domain is within 5 months or less of its renewal date, the domain will be renewed for 2 years upon transfer and a charge for two year's renewal will be made.


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